Quality Control

Quality Control Division (QC) is the heart of the company

Gracia Pharmindo

This division is commissioned to do control of quality and product quality, by controlling the assay and purity of raw material and finished product. The control is not only performed to product physical appearance, but also to processing and manufacturing process and equipment and room used in production process.

To support the function of Quality Control, PT. Gracia Pharmindo is equipped with Chemical and Microbiology Laboratory. This laboratory has met the criteria of ‘White Area’ with HEPA filter, Laminar Air Flow, Pass Box and other equipment. Beside the room criteria, this laboratory is also equipped with leading edge equipment, with high precision and good accuracy level.

GMP is a quality control system aimed to ensure that product meets continually the specified quality requirements. Quality control in CPOB (GMP) covers several aspects, such as personnel, building & facility, equipment, sanitation & hygiene, production, quality control, self inspection, handling of complaint to drug, product recall and documentation.

Gallery Quality Control